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Personal training at Compound

No matter what your goals, we have the perfect trainer for you!

It's taken us a good few years to find the perfect team, but we're now proud to say that we have an incredible choice of personal trainers available at Compound. Whether your goal is fat loss, muscle gain, pre/post natal fitness, sports performance or lifestyle based we can help.

Below you can find out more about each of our trainers, a full list of pricing options, and exactly how you get started!

Client laughs with personal trainer
Personal trainer at Compound Strength and Conditioning

Jules Abbott

Jules is one of the founders of Compound S&C as well as the owner of The Nutrition Plan. Jules specialises in body composition & lifestyle transformations.

'My passion lies in helping people become healthier, happier and more confident in their own skin. Having lost my Dad far too early due to poor lifestyle choices and habits, I hope to help as many people as possible make themselves and their health a priority. I love working with clients at all stages of their journey, and helping them to realise that they do have time to look and feel the way that they've always wanted to.'

Dan Mulligan

Dan was previously a personal trainer at David Lloyd and we are lucky to have him available at Compound. He specialises in body transformations & muscle gain and has availability throughout the week.  

​‘I have been in the fitness industry for 5 years. Training has always played a massive part in my life from a young age, it was my passion for training and helping others which lead me to become a personal trainer. I have a wide range of experience coaching body builders, triathletes and power lifters. Improving peoples physique is my specialty.  My aim is to educate people so they have the tools to train confidently and adopt healthier lifestyles.’​
Male personal trainer, muscle gain specialist
Female personal trainer - pre/post natal specialist

Alecia Mignott

Alecia is our pre/post natal specialist and one of our main female fitness trainers.

'I’m a mum of 4! and a fitness fanatic! I’ve always enjoyed fitness & worked hard to regain my “pre pregnancy body” however after my 4th child my passion for it changed. It became more about how it made me feel than how I looked. With first hand experience & knowledge, I can help you regain your confidence & transform your approach to fitness- making it a lifestyle.'

Alecia has availability at various times throughout the week and would love to help you on your fitness journey.

Hannah Cleeves

Hannah is our sports performance specialist and your go to girl if your training is sports or event related.

'I have a performance sports background and I'm fanatical about fitness. A few years ago I was diagnosed with a heart and autonomic condition that turned my life upside down. It ended my career, left me unable to play the sports I loved and some days getting out of bed was impossible. This deepened my love and appreciation for exercise and I'm so passionate about the physical and mental benefits. I work with a variety of performance athletes, however, my passion is in empowering the everyday athlete, so if you want to train like a professional then I’m the trainer for you.'
Female sport performance personal trainer


Pay as you go
1 person
2 people
3-4 people
Block of 5
1 person
2 people
3-4 people
Block of 10
1 person
2 people
3-4 people
Monthly DD
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Body composition
30 mins
Initial consultation
20 mins

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