Compound Corporate

Bringing functional fitness to your workplace

As well as running our Ruddington based facility, we also take on corporate clients to help make health & fitness a priority in the workplace!

What inspires us...

We have all spent various periods of our lives in desk based jobs, and quickly learnt the implications of that on our health, mood, and lifestyle. We're passionate about making fitness and wellbeing a priority in workplaces and love to encourage busy people to take a few minutes away from their desk to look after themselves, which ultimately results in increased productivity and happiness. Whether it's mindfullness, yoga, a high energy gym class, a personal training session, or a little extra attention to nutrition - the smallest things can make a huge difference.

Capital One clients training in corporate gym
Corporate clients stretching after fitness class

What we offer...

With a good few years under our belt helping out our corporate clients, we now have a huge amount we can offer depending on the facilities our clients have available. This includes:

- Nutrition programmes
- Fitness challenges
- Mindfullness sessions
- Yoga classes
- Pilates classes
- Personal training
- Sports massage
- Physiotherapy

Capital One

Our main corporate client at the moment is Capital One's Nottingham based office. We have an awesome team of personal trainers on site, a full class timetable, popular yoga classes, a sports masseuse and physiotherapist on site, and a wonderful community of employees making time in their days to get stuck into some training. We also run nutrition programmes, fitness challenges and help clients train for events outside the workplace.

We are in our third year as Capital One's corporate wellness provider and we're still loving every second!

Corporate client training in gym fitness class

What do our corporate customers think?

Corporate client doing sit ups

"Jules and her Compound team have transformed the gym experience for Capital One associates by bringing new, varied and challenging ways of training and achieving a variety of personal fitness goals.''

- Steve Watson

"I really enjoy the variety of classes and the overall approachable and supporting nature of the instructors. I have also benefited from being involved in some of the added value initiatives such as the physio and nutrition program. I can see, and feel, the positive effect these have had on my fitness levels and I don't think I would have got here without the Compound team.''

- Andy Bruce

Corporate client training in gym
Corporate clients high five after gym workout

"The classes are varied and allow you to adapt to your own needs/limits. I love our Compound gym community and hope it continues to develop & grow.''

- Alison Simm