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Coaching with The Nutrition Plan is designed to fit your lifestyle and goals. All the accountability, inspiration and support you need to achieve the results that you dream about.

The next 6 week nutrition plan starts January 2022. Registration opens 1.12.2021

Why work with a nutrition coach?

We have mentors for lots of things in life; if you wanted financial advice you would seek an advisor, if you wanted to learn to play an instrument you would find a teacher. If you are struggling taking control of your nutrition then why wouldn’t you find someone who can help?
The health & fitness industry is a minefield of conflicting information, myths and more diets, pills and detox teas than you could ever have time to read about.
We work with clients to help them understand how they can get the best results while still enjoying the things they love. No restrictive diets, no ‘bad’ foods, no ‘one-size-fits-all’ diet templates; just a science-based approach that allows you to lead a social and balanced life while getting amazing results. We talk to our clients weekly to ensure their plans stay relevant, effective and on track to their goals.

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Why specifically work with TNP?

If you're wanting to make a change to your health & fitness but don't know where to start then the I can help to give you all the tools you need to take control of your nutrition and training for life. There's no quick fix or magic pills, but what you will learn should help you achieve the results you're hoping for and allow you to maintain them going forwards. My own personal experience means I am able to coach you from a place of understanding, I have been both ends of the scale and am aware of the struggles, thought processes and health implications of each extreme. Through my own journey I have amassed a huge amount of tips, tricks and strategies to help you gain balance back from either end. To find out more about my journey and how that helps me to help you, hit the button below.

Female before and after transformationfemale before and after weight loss progress front viewfemale before and after weight loss side view
before and after weightloss - back viewbefore and after weight loss front viewbefore and after weightloss side view
female weight loss progress backfemale weight loss back Female weight loss side
Weight loss progress female back Weight loss progress female frontWeight loss progress female side
Fat loss progressFat loss progress female back Fat loss progress female side
Postpartum weight loss Postpartum fat loss front Postpartum fat loss side
Back view of female fat loss transformationFront view of female fat loss transformationSide view of female fat loss transformation
Fat loss before and afterFat loss progress front female Fat loss before and after side view
Female weight loss progress back Female weight loss progress front Female weight loss progress side
Male fat loss progressMale fat loss progress before and afterMale weight loss

What do our clients say?

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"I’ve recently lost over a stone following this plan. I’d tried lots of diets in the past but was never really able to stick to anything! Having the support and accountability to Jules also made a difference. I’ve technically finished the plan now but I’m still following it and I feel like I’m finally forming some healthy habits that will help me keep the weight off.''

- Nadine Reeves

"Jules was amazing from start to finish of the nutrition programme. She helped me keep on track to hit my goals and super helpful throughout the entire programme. I would recommend her to anybody looking to improve their nutrition.''

- Simon Pestell

Male client before and after testimonial
Female before and after transformation

"The 6 week nutrition program was the first thing that has been successful for a long time and i am now at my lowest weight in 4 years. Weekly checkins made me accountable to both myself and Jules which helped me stick to this program.''

- Nicky Mckay