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'I have been involved with sport and exercise to a very high level my entire life and I am extremely passionate about making sure people can get involved with exercise any way they can whilst enjoying the process!

There’s very little I enjoy more than starting to work with someone who has maybe never exercised or lifted weights before, and before long they’re hitting PB’s and falling in love with training and exercise, and realising what their bodies are capable of!

I have 6 years of coaching experience with people of different backgrounds and abilities, be it in sport, strength & conditioning, injury rehab or general fitness. I pride myself on being able to get the most out everyone, regardless of their experience or ability!'

Client laughs with personal trainer
Client laughs with personal trainer

'I have a 1st class degree in Sport Rehabilitation from the University of Nottingham, so this plays a huge part in how I approach coaching movements.

My first priority when coaching is making sure that you stay injury free and healthy; as you can’t make any progress if you can’t train! My hope is that I can pass on my passion for training to everyone I work with, so we can create an exciting and fulfilling journey for us both - we’re in this together!
I myself currently train, compete in, and coach Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and train a range of combat athletes in strength & conditioning.

Whatever your goals are, or whatever sport you play, if you’re looking to enhance your performance I can help.
Exercise, whatever your goals are, should be fun; you should be excited to train and look forward to coming to the gym. I know this isn’t always the case and I am determined to create a fun, dynamic and exciting environment where you will achieve your goals and love the journey too.

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