Compound Strength & Conditioning

The friendliest functional fitness gym in Nottingham...

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Lou Cox

Joining Compound has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. I’ve learnt so much from the wonderful coaches Jules, Sam and Max, and my strength and fitness has improved massively. Everyone supports each other throughout and I love being part of the Compound family.

Ben Atkinson

I’ve been training at Compound for over  2 years now and cannot speak highly enough about the level of coaching and friendliness of the team. My core strength has improved massively and my body shape has noticeably changed. I genuinely feel stronger and fitter at 41 than I did at 21. The programming is varied so no session is ever the same. I would 100% recommend training at Compound and I’m enjoying training more than ever.

Sam Woolerton-Hales

Compound has an amazing community welcoming everyone that’s looking to get fit, challenge themselves or just wanting to try something new. The coaches get everyone involved, encouraging you to reach your full potential whilst ensuring no one is left out. I am sopleased I found this little gem!

David Fannin

Best gym around by miles! Fantastic coaches, excellent workouts and a great atmosphere. It’s like one big happy family, where you will make some friends for life and actually look forward to going to the gym every time!

Kirstine Archer

I've been training with Compound twice a week for over two years now. My main activities are running & paddleboarding and the S&C classes have massively helped with my strength & endurance in both sports. This is all thanks to the variety in each class & the awesome coaching by Jules, Max, Sam & the team.

Ian Lonie

In the over two years I've been training there I've gained strength, speed, flexibility, stamina and co-ordination and some incredible friends. All the coaches are knowledgeable, motivating and caring, and every single member contributes to making the classes fun and rewarding.

Kim Dennis

Compound is far more than a gym, it's a team. The philosophy is about making members feel confident, train with positive morale and encourage each other's progress. The coaches make every workout accessible and adaptable for whatever your goals are, and the whole team are there to support. I challenge anyone to come and not feel part of the family!

Ralph Worby

For me, as someone who doesn’t ‘lift’, or know everything, Compound is perfect. The friendliest and most supportive coaches and members make it what it is; when i haven’t been for a while it’s like I’ve never been away.

Celia Raven

The best gym I’ve ever trained at with amazing coaches and programming! Such a motivating atmosphere and perfect for any ability. It’s the best community with fab people and I’m so glad I found it - thanks guys!

Alex Gray

I am so pleased I found compound! Max, Jules and Sam have been, and continue to be, amazing coaches. From day one of turning up  at Compound not knowing what a back squat was, let alone an AMRAP workout, I feel like I now know the techniques and right formf or a variety of different movements, have made some great friends and feel part of the Compound crew.

Annabel Travers

I would highly recommend Compound S&C to anyone and everyone, whether they've never picked up a weight or they have been lifting for years! I loved feeling like part of a community, where everyone strives for PB's together.. it makes them all the more rewarding. The coaches are brilliant, the workouts are always challenging and varied, and it's honestly the most fun I've ever had in a gym.

Tom Collins

Compound is the best gym I’ve ever been to. The coaches are so friendly, motivational and knowledgeable. They make sure that, no matter how challenging the programme, everyone is always having fun. The gym community is incredibly welcoming and everyone supports each other towards their fitness goals. Great people, great atmosphere, great training. I really couldn’t ask for more!