The team

Meet the coaches

Jules runs operations at Compound on a day to day basis. She is the one answering your calls & emails, managing our corporate clients, and running everything behind the scenes.
Jules also owns The Nutrition Plan, works 1:1 with personal training clients, and coaches classes at Compound.

Jules Abbott

Co-owner, gym manager, coach, PT
Sam works full time in the construction industry, Compound Strength & conditioning and Nottingham Weightlifting Club are his passion. Sam is regularly on the workout floor coaching, and is the mastermind behind much of the programming format we follow on a daily basis.

Sam 'Bobby' Goulding

Co-owner, coach
Max also works full time in a completely different industry, coaching our members is his happy place.
Max is our human puppy; full of energy, and always a smiley face to walk in to.
As well as coaching a number of our classes, Max does also take on a small number of clients for 1:1 olympic weightlifting coaching.

Max Abbott

Co-owner, coach
Ren is one of our assistant coaches and while you'll occasionally find her heading up an S&C class, Ren's real passion lies in Olympic Weightlifting. You'll regularly find her dropping knowledge bombs and fixing people's lifts in Nottingham Weightlifting Club classes.
Ren is also our resident sports massage therapist and spends plenty of time making sure we're all in good working order!

Ren Evans

Coach, sports masseuse
James had been a member with Compound for well over 3 years when he started coaching with us. James knows the Compound way inside out and we're incredibly lucky to now have him as an assistant coach.
James loves the workout 'Murph', so don't ask him to write you a workout, unless you're up for 300 air squats!

James Beck

Charlie is our Saturday boy at Compound & Nottingham Weightlifting.

Charlie is a full time personal trainer and we love our Saturday sessions programmed by him!

Charlie Howick

Dan is one of our personal trainers working out of Compound and also our corporate clients.
Dan has been in the fitness industry for 5 years and spent a number of them personal training at David Lloyd.
His speciality lies in muscle gain and body transformations, but his wealth of experience means he's a valuable trainer to any client.

Dan Mulligan

Personal Trainer
Alecia is our pre/post natal specialist and her value lies in the depth of her own personal experience. Alecia is a mum of four so she knows the process inside and out. Alecia is also the perfect trainer for general female fitness.
Alecia will be available for personal training from the opening of Compound Second Space.

Alecia Mignott

Personal Trainer
Hannah is our sports performance specialist and your go to girl if your goal is sports or event related.
Hannah works with a variety of performance athletes, ranging from ice hockey to netball to triathletes - but her passion lies in empowering the everyday athlete.
Hannah will be available for personal training from the opening of Second Space.

Hannah Cleeves

Personal Trainer