Treatments at Compound

At Second Space we've got you covered for all of your rehab/prehab needs with the best around! Ren, from Down Signal, is at Compound Second Space throughout the week and offers a range of services from sports massage, to cupping, to 1:1 mobility and personal training.
So whether you've been training hard, have incurred an injury, or just feeling the aches and pains we pick up due to our day to day work and lifestyles - Down Signal can help!

Client laughs with personal trainer
Client laughs with personal trainer

What's available?

You can currently book in for the following treatments with Ren:

- Sports massage
- Cupping
- Medical acupuncture
- Mobility assessment and coaching

Ren is also available for:
- 1:1 olympic weightlifting coaching
- Personal training

All Down Signal's services are £40 per hour, with a 15% discount for Compound members.

If you have any questions you can email Ren at or you can hit the button below to book in for your treatment!

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Why would I get a treatment with Ren?

Massage therapy can reduce pain, improve performance, encourage more efficient recovery, improve range of motion & mobility, and Ren’s assessment techniques and corrective exercises can help you to identify and resolve injuries and muscle imbalances.  Ren is a weightlifting and strength coach, which means Down Signal can provide you with sport-specific help, advice and treatment, as well as putting together a rehab plan to get back to doing what you love.

Ren has worked with weightlifters, strongmen and strongwomen, powerlifters, functional fitness athletes, rowers, figure skaters, tennis players and endurance runners, but despite the name, sports massage isn't just for athletes!! Sports massage helps people every day who have picked up their aches, pains and issues due to their work, their hobbies, medical issues or even through carrying wriggly toddlers!

Client laughs with personal trainer
Client laughs with personal trainer

Personal training with Ren

Want to know more about the personal training & mobility coaching side of what Ren has to offer?
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