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'Hi I'm Ren. I love strength training and Olympic weightlifting, and having discovered these passions in my 30s, whilst juggling a corporate job and a life and a cat and a penchant for wine etc. etc., I've had to overcome a bunch of stuff that wanted to get in the way of me doing what I love. I had external stressors from the high-pressure job and family life, a lack of mobility from sedentary office work, a creeping awareness that i was getting older every damn day, a tendency to massively overdo the things I love - which of course led me straight into overtraining, under-recovering and picking up a myriad of injuries.... any sensible person would have quit, but luckily I'm not the sensible type.
I decided that if life was going to keep chucking me obstacles, I was going to keep overcoming them, and they say knowledge is the best weapon  so I got my head down and I cracked the books... anatomy and physiology, strength and conditioning, sports performance, Sports Massage Therapy, sports injury assessment and treatment, mobility, Olympic Weightlifting, pain science, recovery, rehab and return to sport, and then I started to apply that knowledge in the gym - at first by myself and now with my clients. Now at 38, I am stronger, healthier and happier than I ever have been... and I'm SO not finished on my journey yet! I've got big scary goals of my own and I'm excited to smash them.

Client laughs with personal trainer
Client laughs with personal trainer

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'I work with an incredibly diverse range of clients - coaching OlympicWeightlifting, 1:1 weight training/strength coaching, Sports Massage and mobility - and I partner with each individual to understand their current circumstances and their big scary goals, and we come up with a tailored roadmap to get from A to B (and mostly we take the scenic route that goes via C, D and E too, because life).

I believe strength is about mindset first, I believe (possibly contrary to popular opinion) that being your best self doesn't mean being in constant pain, and it doesn't mean endlessly beasting yourself in the gym to meet impossible standards or shaming yourself about what you can't do. To me, strength training is about celebrating your body for what it can do and the excitement of seeing what it is truly capable of. It's about being realistic about your current limitations and plotting sensible progression towards your goals while working to eliminate areas of weakness, all while adapting to the realities of your actual life!  It's about the incredible feeling when all of your hard work is rewarded, because you can now do more than you could do before.'

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So what are you waiting for?

If you are looking for a coach who wants to partner with you to achieve your goals, someone who will help you overcome injuries and obstacles, teach you to snatch, clean and jerk, help you to discover your innate mobility and flexibility, who will enthusiastically support your right to get into whatever shape you want to be in (genuinely! I don't care if its a dodecahedron, I'm with you all the way), who wants to help you get strong inside and out so you can live your bestest life and be a full time badass into your 80s and beyond, then I'm your gal!

Sometimes i'll drop science, sometimes hype, sometimes a hug (virtualvhugs only at the moment of course), sometimes some Real Talk You Need to Hear.vI'm all about giving you whatever tools you need to level up. Yes to good tunes, belly laughs and PBs, no to boring, miserable 5am rise n' grind (well you can, but you'll be on your own to be honest).  I would especially love to help you if you think the gym is not a place you belong. I can't wait to show you how very Not True that is.

Client laughs with personal trainer

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