Hannah Cleeves

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'I am a sports conditioning specialist and I work with a variety of performance athletes covering sports ranging from ice hockey, to netball, to triathlons. Whilst I have a strong background in sports performance and coaching, my passion is in empowering the everyday athlete. Whatever your goals or background, if you want to train like a professional, then I am the trainer for you. I am also a pre & post natal specialist. After several of my clients became pregnant and had babies, I wanted to further my skills to best help them not only be fit for birth and strong for motherhood, but also to recover from pregnancy and labour. I have successfully worked with women who have had a variety of complications and deliveries helping them to gain back confidence and also hit their goals.​'

Client laughs with personal trainer
Client laughs with personal trainer

'A few years ago I was diagnosed with a heart and autonomic condition that turned my life upside down. It ended my career, left me unable to play the sports I loved and some days getting out of bed was impossible. Living with a chronic degenerative condition has deepened my appreciation for functional fitness and the effect that can have on your health and well-being.

​Let me help you achieve your goals! Whether that’s improving your sports performance, getting leaner and stronger or just climbing the stairs without getting out of breath! Trust me ... I’ve been there.

No-one will be more committed to helping you become your best self. My clients success is my success so let me find the athlete inside you!'

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