Alecia Mignott

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'I'm Alecia!...Energetic and enthusiastic!
Mum of 4, lover of fitness, muscles, smoothies, and HIIT. I live, sleep and breathe fitness.

My journey started in 2013 after shedding 21/2 stone of “baby weight” following a 90 day fitness dvd. It was after this I knew I wanted to become a Personal Trainer to help other women. After I qualified I realised there's a healthier approach to lose weight, one that doesn’t have you so heavily restricted living off lettuce leaves. I have the first hand experience and knowledge to help you transform the way you view diet and exercise. A way that's sustainable, fits into your lifestyle and gets you the results you want! 

I’m available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays.'

Client laughs with personal trainer
Client laughs with personal trainer

Train with Alecia

'I use HIIT (high intensity interval training) and strength training to deliver results! I love HIIT because it has you burning calories post workout, even while you're resting!

Ladies you don't need to worry about getting “bulky” from strength training, we need lean muscle as it helps stay fit and agile and improves your body composition (reduces fat, increases muscle).'

Pre/Post natal:
'I’ll help you stay active during your pregnancy with exercises suitable for each trimester.'

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